December 3, 2008

Rasmussen Family

And the red barn comes through yet again! I love this location along with everyone else!

I dont even know where to start with how amazing this family is! I seriously wish that I was a part of it! :) They are Utes to the core with one exception of course, and I have to say that he was very patient and willing to participate in a few fun pictures. You guys are so fantastic! Did I mention how GoRgEoUs these girls are. Geez...these are some lucky guys!


Nat and Jordy said...

Thank you sooo much for doing such a fantastic job with our family pictures! You are such a talented photographer and are so much fun! My family adores you! Thanks again! XOXO

Ben and Kira Olsen said...

What a sexy family! Linds, I know I tell you this all the time but you these pics look so amazing!

Cheers Buddy!