June 30, 2009

2 Babies!!!!

Yes, the news it completely true. I am expecting TWINS at the end of the year. Brody and I will be lucky enough to be the parents of 2 baby GIRLS.

I have had TONS of emails from clients asking if I am still going to continue my photography. OF COURSE I AM!!! I cannot imagine quitting something I love so much. I will however be taking some time off for maternity leave. Twins due dates are more tricky than single babies and obviously carry the risks for higher complications which means that unfortunately I am going to have to stop shooting sooner than I would like. I have to make sure that I don't let these babies come any earlier than they are supposed too.

For those of you who are going to be wanting fall family photos, make sure you book a date with me BEFORE September 30th, as that will be the last day I will shoot until I am back from maternity leave. If you have a newborn and really want a session I will be making exceptions if you want do have the shoot in my studio. The last day I will be able to shoot for newborns will be October 30th. I know that babies come when they please, so feel free to call me either right before or after your baby is born.

I am planning on being back into the swing of things by February 1st. I will be booking sessions anytime after that date, so feel free to book early if you would like.

On a separate note I have also had a lot of questions about Christmas Cards. Yes I have them this year and they are TO DIE FOR!!! I will be posting examples really early this year so that I am able to fulfill all of the orders. I will have instructions and examples soon.

Thanks everyone for your kind emails and sweet words. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful clients!!


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The Bonham Family said...

LINDZ- I could'nt access your personal blog but holy moly! I am so exctied for you and I can't wait for you to ask me 1,000 questions you know I might not be much help but I for sure know the drill!! Let's go to dinner and talk and make it a girls night. my e-mail is mcrae3333@yahoo.com CONGRATS!!!