January 17, 2009

Reesie Piecie

This shoot was one of the most fun 1 year old shoots I have ever done. It does help that it was with my best friend and her baby, but still, it was so fun. What a face little Reesie has. I aDorE this babe!! Needless to say...she was DONE by the end of the shoot. There is nothing like those priceless crying shots. They are some of my favs.


The Morzelewski Family said...

Oh Linds, they are just ADORABLE! I love love the location! And her outfit is too cute. Wonderful job! Just love little Reese

Ben and Kira Olsen said...

Linds that was so much fun! I love how these turned out. You are so talented!Thank you a million times!Love Ya!

Lacey Bell said...

yep, i just keep posting. you can't get rid of me! hahahaha Reesee babes is SOOOOO cute!